AFTER is our playground on visual culture and a R&D lab on languages and knowledge. It’s a space that evolves perpetually as a format and that functions as an after-work club in which we can experiment, study and share things.
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Place Time


Gradient Clock


Passed Time


The Eyes Can See What The Mouth Can Not Say

Jozef Van Wissem, 2015


Dapper Dan, 2015

Shit Show

PIN—UP, 2015

Breath In, Breath Out

Akito tsuda, 2015

Searching for Ramya

Petra Stavast, 2015


L. Carmi, J. Benassi, 2015

Cabinet of Curiosites — Chapter II

Olga Cafiero, 2014

Safe Distance

AA. VV., 2014

Devils Tower

Stefano Graziani, 2014

Dark Portraits. Rome 1982–1985

Dino Ignani, 2014

Soup of Flies

AA. VV., 2014


PIN–UP, 2014


Lotte Sprengers, 2014

Not Here

Dapper Dan, 2014

Find a Falling Star

Regine Petersen, 2013